Psychobilly Covers

Opensim RADIOLA, 2-3 pm SLT – 27.3.2016 HG: or tune in  

Grunge Anthology

Hi friends! Art Oluja & Livio Korobase Invite you to “Grunge Anthology” at LEA10 ::Metamorfaces:: Our third and final party! With LEA round 9 coming to an end, and 2016 just around the corner, it’s time to celebrate what we’re leaving behind and what’s yet to come! So get your head-banging hair on, we’re going…

Hot Tubes & Psychedelic Grooves

  Is time of Hot Tubes & Psychedelic Grooves! This time we’re tapping into our Hippie vibes and taking the music under the trees at ::Metamorfaces:: Livio Korobase at the DJ table burning up the tubes with awesome psychedelic grooviness that’ll get your flower power on in no time. So throw on some colour and…

The Cave Rave

When: 8 october 2015 Time: Thursday 1PM – 3PM SLT Where: LEA10 ::Metamorfaces:: Join us for a unique experience with Livio Korobase at the DJ table pulsing music through the landscape, electrifying the water with rhythm. We want to dance, breathe in the music, until it transforms us, if only for a moment in time….