Vee-Jay at CiBiGiBi

The cinema at first floor is ready. We are planning to use it to make music, creating playlists of Youtube videos. This is possible through the use of simple notecards, written in this way:

title of video 1|http://youtube url 1
title of video 2|http://youtube url 2

And so. Remember to use the | character as separator. Give a name to notecard and done. Send a copy of note to Livio Korobase for setup the video player in cinema.

Is also necessary verify that video in SL are working for your viewer. The most frequent cause of failure is the lack of Flash and QuickTime plugins.

If videos do not work, you can find these plugins here:

Flash for all Operating Systems

  • Do not use Internet Explorer for download the Flash plugin. If Internet Explorer is the only browser you use, please use this link: Windows download for non IE because the Internet Explorer version of Flash player is not compatible to any Second Life viewer.

Quicktime for Windows and Mac

  • Quicktime to play streaming videos. (iTunes is not needed)

Who start? And if you have a preferred video to report, just copy and paste the URL in comments.


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