The numbers are a measure of reality and help to distinguish what is actually happening from what we imagine or invent to impress the audience.
CiBiGiBi policy is to always tell the truth, in this spirit of sharing that move us. We are not interested on gossip and glamorous lies.
Sometimes this policy pay, others no: is not always funny say no, this thing dont work. So, it’s time to share some numbers on this first 20 days of new activity for understand what is happening.
The numbers are great: this blog had 893 unique visitors at now, day is not finished, for an average of 44.65 visits at day. Wow!
The groups grew faster, and we are around 100 members. Some old aficionados, thank you for the support, many new. Wow!
The DJs staff is grow also, all good Djs and music lovers. The schedule is completely full and the club have always visitors (at 500 i got tired of counting), so we are thiking to open also in other time slot for give to all the opportunity to play free. 13 stable DJs, wow!

These are the numbers of the first 20 days and the reality of CiBiGiBi, many many many thanks to everyone 🙂

Next month we open also at The Circus, stay tuned for news on this and many others great and funny events, like the Indipendence Day Rave (24 hours party over 3 sim, imagine the disaster…).


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