lalala music and omfug (Lalala Manifesto)

In the beginning, Gilgamesh was a punk. After a while, someone started to ask “Ok, but are you a Punk, Street Punk, Nazi Punk, Anarcho Punk or Straight Edge?”.  “Is this important?” “Yes it is, ’cause one is cooler than the other.” “Ah ok. I am Nazi Straight Hardcore”. “Oh cool! What is this?” “I don’t know, just made it up, but it sounds cool”. “Yes, cool!!!”.

At CBGB, we don’t search cool guys with cool stickers or cool SL profiles. We love stories. Tell us every kind of beautiful stories, sad or happy, not important. Use your music to express yourself, your mood, your feelings, your colours. Use your heart.

Don’t use the music to tell us your depressions or brain masturbations, we can do this alone, we are all good on that.

Tell us lalala or katasprak, what you feel, but don’t give us empty words, sterile labels. We are interested in your story, not in your hair. Share your story with us, let music talk. Sorry, we want creativity and art, not stylistic terms.

Remember the OMFUG, context is important. “That’s more of what we do, It means OTHER MUSIC FOR UPLIFTING GORMANDIZERS.” And what is a gormandizer? It’s a voracious eater of, in this case, MUSIC.”

I think about adding a new CBGB group role: CBGB DJ Storyteller. This is not a give-away, you must earn it.

What Vio and Rave say is easy: “Play what you like”. Yes, it sounds simple. Just remember that if you tell us a story without heart, all the listeners will feel it, and they will break your legs and kick your ass… We are all “loggionista” inside, from the most wicked  . But we are also very warm-hearted and friendly with those who share their music honestly, without telling lies. Some of us know it already, others are welcome to learn!

Loggionista: Who attends the theater, in particular to opera, from the gallery, also loudly expressing their opinion


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