Upon there was: the birth of a DJ

Dj Violette Oakleaf

Once upon a time,…there was this little girl from the forest.
On one day she left this place for to buy Prosecco…..
and hear some beautiful music from a little house.
Come inside little girl,…we have some nice tunies .
A sweet girl stood there, and invited her inside.

And so the story of DJ Viva La Vio started

I started in july 18th 2009 with playing my first set and woooowie i was so nervous.
But i get already  a bite of this,…and i was HOOKED.

Look for great tunes to play on the radio,… searching for this treasure. And when you find it,….the secret you have to keep till  you can play it for all the listners from the radio. and the joy or mood it brings you.

Playing songs is the best job you can have,…You play only songs you like,…And you get payed for this also;-)))))

Here at CiBiGiBi ,..we are all people that love music all sorts ,…. and want to share,..talk about it and most important,…listen to the most fantasticgreatformidableswellbeautiful songs.

Tell /share stories with songs.

Violette Oakleaf


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