Second Life music at CiBiGiBi: special Chouchou Remix01 Electrogirl (sunday 15 may)

I like so much Chouchou that seems me useless talk about. But for sure Chouchou is the best music project that i know in Second Life.

Some data for those not familiar:

Chouchou is a Japanese music group formed in a virtual world, SecondLife to search for new possibilities of music.

Vocal: Juliet Heberle
Music: Arabesque Choche

[Official websites]
MySpace | Facebook | Twitter | | Youtube | Flickr | Chouchou Music Radio


Chouchou is surrounded by love and beauty. The voice of Juliet is amazing and Arabesque is a genial composer.

So, as tribute and thanksgiving, Sunday 15 may starting at 23 (Europe time) i play all the album Chouchou Remix 01 Electrogirl in my live set. And maybe serendipity leads some special guest at club…

For those who love music and want to know, do not forget to watch the creation of Chouchou’s music in this series of live broadcasts published by Chouchou’s composer, Arabesque Choche. AMAZING!

Livio Korobase


One Comment Add yours

  1. cibigibi says:

    [11:56] juliet Heberle: Nice blog. 🙂 Yes, you can play electrogirl. 🙂

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