Loop&remix passion :)

ClubCreate stands at the intersection of music, technology and culture providing free, web-based music creation tools for the masses.

Ok, i know. With this post i loose some friends that will be all day playing with this thing :). But create music is a so strong and beautiful experience that this is not a problem. After we share music on club, so is all ok.

Making music is a complex work, and also instruments are expensive. Computer help us a bit, with many and beautiful software for music creation, but not not all of us are virtuoso or simply a musician. A chance? loops!

I want talk on this extraordinarily experience: Clubcreate. The Music Studio is fantastic. A simple interface where choose between many and good loops to assemble for creating our music. No software to install, all in browser.

  1. Choose a Sound library, listen the various loop just clicking over and clic on + sign for add the loop to dock side.
  2. When the loop is on left side of interface, click on Play button and drag under the timeline the loop: creation begins.
  3. Add other loops, listen, modify. Is more complex explain how do than try…
Clubcreate Studio interface (clic on image for see enlarged)

What say… i am lost in sounds. I have put online my first try on Electro-House Blender (one of many Music Studio found in Projects page), so all laugh :). Is just for understand, no artistic claims: what you listen is what you see in image here over.


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