Ingenious software for Second Life Djs

Ok, the password is “Shoutcast support”. Almost all the streams that you listen in Second Life are managed by a Shoutcast server. The most common software used by SL Dj are very heavy, complex and expensive, with no reason because nobody uses the advanced options provided by. The most common solution used between the free software is the Winamp/Shoutcast plugin solution, simple and functional. But this solution have some problems when the Dj want talk: if you are lucky, all work. If your soundcard is not standard or is necessary configure audio ports, things became fast a nightmare.
So, Torrey Betts of Ingenious Software have started a new project:

One of the most important things I went for when designing this software was to make it super user friendly so that anyone can use it. If you’re familiar with a program called Sam Broadcaster or any of the similar programs out there, you’d remember how confusing that was the first time you loaded it up. This program has similar functionality and is a million times easier to use and less bloated, not mention it’s going to have a nice price tag when I’m done that won’t hurt your bank account.

The first version of this software is really very simple to use and well working: just put some songs in queue, write the data of your streaming server in the dedicated tab and click on Stream button.
Want talk? Click on Mic button. Is all… At price of 32.99$ (with 7 day trial license with full use of the software and all the updates).
Very nice idea, and obviously the developer is working at some others utilities and functions. Stay tuned, CiBiGiBi want be a beta tester of this software.

The absolutely simple interface of Ingenious Streaming Media DJ 1.0 (click on image for see enlarged)

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  1. Torrey says:

    Buy it through the market place, it’s much cheaper. 😉

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