Hey Mr. DJ

I was asked to blog for club CiBiGiBi by one of my favorite DJs. So what’s more obvious than blogging about DJs in general first.

My thoughts wandered from DJ cult to girls having a crush on DJs. And bet what: all this thoughts can be easily combined with a suiting song. I searched for something meaningful actually, but ended up with DJ Kult and his Schwarzwaldmarie, which is an example for really bad german music. There are several bad tekkno songs about DJs, which really reminded me that god is a DJ of life – well if there is one. Can’t remember any other music culture, which celebrates it’s DJs more than the tekkno scene….look at this picture – all said. Even a song called “Crush on the DJ” from a norwegian called Antoinette exists – terrible pop music (well, sure that’s all subjective judgement). Anyway…there is as well a DJ called DJ Cult, which leads me to very strange military video. Always thought nothing more apolitical then tekkno. Was I wrong? Don’t know what to think about this one.  Actually spelling crush wrong like Krush, leads you to the best results….a DJ Krush. So please go for typos if you ever try to research similar topic 😉

But always there are two classic hits connected to DJs:

Zhane – Hey Mr. DJ & Indeep – Last night a DJ saved my life

Can listen to those without freaking out!

And now I gotta stop researching this, as it’s kinda disturbing to see weird videos and listen to sucking music on a sunday eve. Better choice is to head off to CiBiGiBi and listen to some cool tunes.


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