Special Peter Gabriel: New Blood, Sunday 16 October

New Blood is the ninth studio album by Peter Gabriel, released on 10 October 2011. The album consists of orchestral re-recordings of various tracks from throughout Gabriel’s career. The album is a continuation of the project Gabriel began with his previous album Scratch My Back (2010), which was orchestral covers of other artists’ songs. The idea for the album came about after work was done re-arranging Gabriel’s songs for orchestra for the second half of shows during the New Blood Tour (2010). For this album Gabriel continues to work with arranger John Metcalfe.

We can listen togheter the new album and some tunes from Peter

  • When: Sunday 16 October, starting at 22.00 Europe time 1 PM PDT (around 2 hours event)
  • Where: CiBiGiBi
  • Who: Dj Livio Korobase


  • Peter Gabriel – Here comes the flood
  • Peter Gabriel – White Shadow
  • Peter Gabriel – Don’t Remember
  • Peter Gabriel – More than this
  • Peter Gabriel – Growing up
  • Peter Gabriel – A Different Drum
  • Peter Gabriel – Cloudless
  • Peter Gabriel – Signal To Noise
  • Peter Gabriel – Lay Your Hands on Me
  • Peter Gabriel – The Rythm Of The Heat
  • Peter Gabriel – Downside Up
  • Peter Gabriel – San Jacinto
  • Peter Gabriel – Intruder
  • Peter Gabriel – Wallflower
  • Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes
  • Peter Gabriel – Mercy Street
  • Peter Gabriel – Red Rain
  • Peter Gabriel – Darkness
  • Peter Gabriel – Don’t Give Up
  • Peter Gabriel – Digging In The Dirt
  • Peter Gabriel – The Nest That Sailed The Sky
  • Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill
  • Peter Gabriel -Heroes (David Bowie)

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