Progressive Rock@CBGB: Tommy Ribeiro and U.K.O.

FRIDAY 18 NOVEMBER 2011 at 1.30 PM Tommy Ribeiro (singer, acustic guitar and keyboard) of U.K.O., present us at CBGB the last work of the band, “Insane World” (listen some songs).

The U.K.O. (the Unknown Orchestra)

Genre: progressive rock
From: Turin (Italy), and we are five

  • Arrigo (Tommy): lead voice, guitar, keybord
  • Bruno: Guitar
  • Giovanni: drums
  • Adriano: keyboards
  • Andrea: bass guitar (is the new bassist, the disc was another)

The group was formed in 2000 from an idea by Arrigo Bruno and Giovanni, to make their own music and stop with covers.

In 2006, with the addition of keyboards, band have released the first CD (The U.K.O.) entirely in Italian, with the aim of promoting the product primarily in Italy. But, due to the increased foreign interest, we decided to do lyrics of songs in English, to give greater internationality.

In 2011 U.K.O. released “Insane World”, recorded live at Studio Rec in Turin. Voice, final mix and all the song “No Way” have been made at the AYR Studio in Moncalieri (Turin)


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