Special Psychobilly part 1 – Sunday 27 November 1PM

psycobilly at radio cibigibiDj: Phoebe Zuzu (welcome!)

Psychobilly arose out of the punk movement of the 70s and 80s when bands began revisiting the early years of rockabilly in their music.

The result is a sound driven by a pounding double bass, guitars and drums.

Band names and song lyrics are often shocking but humorous homages to B-movie themes like aliens and monsters.

The genre does not shy away from tongue in cheek treatments of taboo topics such as necrophilia, satanism and murder.

All done in a devil-may-care attitude, psychobilly is typically apolitical but wildly indulgent in shock value.

Come listen to CiBiGiBi!


Early Bands: Punks infusing rockabilly

  • Johnny B. Goode–Guana Batz
  • Psycho for your Love–The Meteors
  • She’s the One–Mad Sin
  • I Don’t Come from Nowhere–The Quakes
  • Tiger Feet–Batmobile
  • Her Name was Rock and Roll–Koffin Kats
  • Be Bop a Lula–Demented are Go!
  • Big Red Rocket of Love–Reverend Horton Heat

Genres within the genre: Horrorbilly

  • Tonight–Resurex
  • Dead Girls Don’t Cry–Necromantix
  • I Sold My Soul–Sir Psycho and his Monsters
  • Graveyard Queen–Zombie Ghost Train
  • Teenage Zombie Sluts–The Matadors
  • Crève Sale Bâtard–Banane Metalik

Women of Psychobilly

  • Angels to Some–The Silver Shine
  • Do I Love You?–Hillbilly Moon Explosion
  • Zombies Ate Her Brain–The Creepshow
  • Too Drunk to Fuck–Bonsai Kitten
  • Ode to the Devil–Mad Marge and the Stonecutters

The Brains

  • Turn Around–The Brains
  • Drunk not Dead–The Brains
  • Après Cette Nuit–The Brains
  • Enjoy the Silence–The Brains

Psychobilly Remakes

  • Tainted Love–The Hormonauts
  • No Particular Place to Go–Guana Batz
  • People Are Strange–Lucky Devils
  • Ghost Riders in the Sky–Damage Done by Worms
  • Bang Bang!–Astro Zombies
  • Don’t Let me be Misunderstood–The Lucky Devils
  • The Passenger–The Pharoahs
  • Walk the Line–Mad Dog Cole
  • I’m on Fire–Guana Batz

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