Ready for Radiola?

So, Radio CiBiGiBi have a sim in OpenSim. She is called Radiola and you can do a look. Is still in building, but visit and tell us your thougts. If you don’t have a login in OpenSim, go here and register one for free: Login URI is How join: the simple way is download Firestorm for SL&Opensim, then follow Just add the login URI in Opensim tab, and you are ready (remember to choose Radiola grid for login). Hypergrid is active, so you can jump here or use our hypergrids things for go visit many grid in OpenSim. Just remember to set home, so you can come back easy 🙂   16670572563_4bc0fd0376_o 17244006975_11ecdc0c63_o 17289138812_19d28fcc46_o


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