The Cave Rave

When: 8 october 2015
Time: Thursday 1PM – 3PM SLT
Where: LEA10 ::Metamorfaces::

Join us for a unique experience with Livio Korobase at the DJ table pulsing music through the landscape, electrifying the water with rhythm. We want to dance, breathe in the music, until it transforms us, if only for a moment in time. So come and slip on a mask and get ready to lose yourself..
Soundtrack is builded mixing, mashupping and playing over with Kaossillators by Livio. SURRENDER!

Playlist (almost):

Cat Von Trapp – Reaper Girl
Hallucinogen – Astral Pancakes
Der Dritte Raum – Trommelmaschine (Voodoo Remix)
Sibilant – The Fly
Noosphere – 23rd Chromozone
Nucleus – Superluminal
Transwave – Axonal
Semsis – Planet
S.U.N Project – Fatal Error
Doof – Star Above Parvati
Alienated – Free Return
Orion – Liquid
Killing Joke – Democracy (Hallucinogen Remix)
Laughing Buddha – Tapu



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